Earl International commences large-scale mining in Upper East Region

Earl International commences large-scale mining in Upper East Region

Earl International Group, a large-scale mining company in the Upper East Region, has commenced full operations in the Gbane mining area of the Talensi District.

Earl International mining group has become the first large-scale mining company in Northern Ghana, having metamorphosed from Shanxii mining Ghana limited, which used to provide mine support services to Yenyeya and Puboataaba mining group.

According to Earl, all 36 concession lease owners subsumed by their operations have been accordingly compensated and shall be entitled to a 1.5% share of gold under the large-scale operations.

Addressing the media at Gbane during a working visit of the Lands and Natural Resources Minister, Abu Jinapor, to Earl mining group, Public Relations Officer of Earl International, Maxwell Wooma, said, the company will not only provide massive employment for the youth of the region but also boost the local economy.

“There is a proposal to construct two new shafts that will employ over 500 employees to our over 700 employees. We will also establish the Earl Talensi development fund and devote 1% of our products annually to it to develop the Talensi District.”

“We are very much aware and have a good database of the development needs of the communities, so, we’re soon going to embark on community visitations to announce our take-out properly and to roll our projects to develop our areas”.

Mr. Wooma expressed optimism of a boost in the local economy of the region, forecasting a higher purchases rate of consumables and mining equipment considering the local content policy of government in the mining industry.

Earl International and Shanxii impasse

Transitional partners of Earl International mining group thus Shanxii mining (Yenyeya and Puboataaba) have taken Earl International Group to court seeking an injunction on their operations over the shares of the previous Shanxii mining company.

But the PRO of Earl International Group, Maxwell Wooma, confirmed that, even though there is no injunction on their operations, they have sought an out-of-court settlement of the matter with their transitional partners Yenyeya and Puboataaba.

“What is between Earl International and one of our transitional partners is about shares in the older Shanxii mining company. We have invited the concerned partner over to compare the records and if satisfied with it, we will go ahead and pick his shares and that is being done with operations of Earl International.”

“If you compare the records of our transitional partners, they are entitled to 7% as against what Shanxii had which is 93%, so, there is a case that we know of, but there is no injunction that stops Earl International from doing its work”.

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